Ipa Guard

Ipa Guard is a powerful tool for obfuscating IPAs, which does not require iOS app source code. It directly encrypts and obfuscates the IPA files. It provides protection for the code, code library, and resource files of iOS IPA files. Ipa Guard allows you to rename and obfuscate critical code elements such as function names, variable names, and class names, thus reducing code readability and increasing the difficulty of IPA cracking and decompilation. It also enables you to modify the names and MD5 of images, resources, and configurations. It supports all types of IPAs, including those developed with Objective-C, Swift, Flutter, React Native, and H5.

Overview of iOS Code Obfuscation Tool

Ipa Guard Interface

Code Obfuscation

Ipa Guard is a comprehensive code obfuscation tool for iOS applications. It obfuscates classes, methods, method parameters, and variables in the IPA file's code, rendering them meaningless and significantly increasing the difficulty of cracking the application. The tool supports apps developed on various platforms such as Objective-C, Swift, Flutter, H5, HBuilder, Unity3D, and Cocos2d-x.

This iOS app code obfuscation tool categorizes and marks the code at different levels, allowing developers to control obfuscation targets and intensity. This simplifies the configuration process and ensures effective obfuscation.

Method Confusion

Resource File Obfuscation

Resource File Obfuscation

Ipa Guard also supports renaming various resource files within the code, such as images, JavaScript files, mp3 files, xib files, sb files, and json files. This obfuscates the resource file names, enhancing the security of iOS applications. It can also modify values such as MD5 and UDID of resource files and add invisible watermarks for optimization and protection.

No Source Code Required, Easy Testing

Ipa Guard allows you to obfuscate and protect your code without needing the app project source code. It operates directly on the compiled app stored on your local computer, eliminating the need to upload it to a server. This ensures a safer and more reliable process, avoiding the risk of code leakage.

After obfuscation and protection, you can configure the signing parameters to re-sign the IPA and install it on a device for testing. This allows you to verify the effectiveness of obfuscation and protection, check if they impact the app's functionality, and ensure they meet your expectations.

Obfuscation and Resigning

Features of Ipa Guard

No Development Platform Limitation

Ipa Guard perfectly supports Objective-C, Swift, C++, Dart (for iOS Apps, Unity3D, Cocos2d-x, and Flutter), as well as mixed development apps and those developed with H5 and other heterogeneous app development technologies. It offers powerful and stable functionality across all platforms.

Comprehensive Code Obfuscation

Ipa Guard provides comprehensive support for function, property, and class name obfuscation in Objective-C, Swift, C++, and Dart code. It also allows developers to control the intensity of obfuscation, enhancing code security and reducing the risk of decompilation and cracking.

No Source Code Required, Enhanced Security

Ipa Guard directly processes the compiled IPA without the need for project source code. This ensures that there is no intrusion or impact on the development process. By not requiring the source code, it enhances overall security and eliminates the possibility of code leakage.

Resource File Handling

Ipa Guard supports processing various resource files within the code, such as images, mp3 files, xib files, sb files, json files, and html files. It obfuscates resource file names, adds watermarks to images, and modifies MD5 values of resources, enhancing overall iOS app security.

Debug Information Cleanup

Ipa Guard perfectly supports automatic comment cleanup and removal of debug information in Objective-C, Swift, C++, and Dart code. This makes the project code cleaner, reduces code readability, and increases the difficulty of anti-debugging.

Instant Testing and Running

After obfuscation and protection, the app can be directly installed on a device for testing and running. This allows developers to easily identify any issues and make real-time modifications, facilitating development and debugging processes.